Automatic OutBound IVR



- To make an automatic survey in order to collect and store information from users


- It must be possible to have different campaigns with different IVRs
- Each campaign must have own call times
- For each campaign it must be possible to recycle calls, according to specific status (eg. Busy, Not Answered, …)

- The system must be able to recognize equipment answers (fax and voice mail detection)
- It aims to be able to collect DTMF codes from users and store them to RDBMS database
- The system must be able to transfer (according to specific rules) the call to a human operator

- The system must be able to record (following the laws) the user – agent conversation
- It needs to be integrated with Text To Speech technology (eg. Loquendo TTS) in native mode (Real Time TTS)
- The system must be open to integrate Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) technology

Along with the above points we’ve also addressed also the following purposes:

- Scalability
- The system must support High Availability Architectures
- Possibility of managing very complex IVRs
- It must be easy to load leads (csv or excel files)
- Easy to export results (csv or excel files)

The deployed Architecture:


Contact Center Campaign Definition:


Leads Recycling:


Real Time Monitoring:




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