Xenialab releases the MySQL Professional Monitor


My2ch (MySQL 2 Chart) is a performance charts tool for MySQL databases monitoring and tuning.

MySQL2Chart displays performance charts for MySQL databases 5.0 or newer: it is a web application, PHP based and requires just a web server (ie Apache), PHP 4.2 (or newer) and PHP’s MySQL extension.
The charts used by My2ch are Flash Objects: it exploits both Open Flash Chart and SWFObject to display those fancy charts.

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After intensive tuning activities on several environments during the last two years, we are please to release the Official 1.0 MySQL2Charts, including several professional features like many more charts (40 statistics charts, 12 on-line charts), bug fixing, PRO statistics: MySQL Replication, locking activities and Multiple databases data display.

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My2Ch setup is easy and the initial configuration is fine for most databases. Advanced features can be added editing a simple yet powerful configuration file.

Should you need our PRO support for My2ch please do not hesitate to contact us here below.


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